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Pre-purchase tour service Mathilde Gudefin Berlin Interiors

pre-purchase tour

When buying a property, a counter-visit can be beneficial to confirm the imagined interior project.

This allows to validate or invalidate the state of the property and to estimate the budget of the construction works before engaging further steps.

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Refurbish service Mathilde Gudefin Berlin Interiors


Mathilde Gudefin Interiors also proposes short term missions to accompany you in the preparation of light improvements within your house or the custom fitting adapted to your needs like for the project Dulong  in Paris for example.

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Renovation service Mathilde Gudefin Berlin Interiors


Finally we lead different renovation or rehabilitations of houses and apartments beginning with the concept drawings until the handing-over of the keys: this is the main activity of Mathilde Gudefin Interiors, e.g. project Lahn or Paul-Lincke.

Environmental approach

If you are interested in building a house, renovating an apartment, making some changes – even slight ones – in your home, think durable. The building industry has a big responsibility and I am convinced that spending time on making the right choices is worth it.

I invite you to visit the website of Architects4Future and to consider their statement and willing while starting a project: