La Marinella

Date2020, Concept
LocationGenova, Italy
CollaborationSalomé Wackernagel as M S Studio Berlin
CreditsM S Studio Berlin

In an abandoned building with a beautiful rational architecture from 1934 and facing the sea, we made a proposal for a conceptual interior design: a hotel and bar design using sustainable and innovative materials mostly made from waste elements captured in the sea.
The renovated building is conceived as a self-sufficient one, with the installation of a desalination unit to recycle sea water and solar panels on the roof.
We wanted to respect its history and make it the theatre of a strong architectural, ecological and economic commitment.
We also respected the original shape of the building and get inspired by its Bauhaus spirit: geometry, symmetry, lines and curves… All the materials used in our concept are recycled materials, objects from young, committed designers, or vintage, second-hand furniture highlighting classic design symbols from the great modernists. Our project offers an alternative design within this program, respecting its original structure and using innovative materials in a constant dialogue with the element “water”, a bath in the magic of the marine world and its dreamlike atmosphere.